Follow your prescribed treatment plan

When we begin to feel well, we sometimes think that we can skimp on our treatment and not keep to it. However, if your health care professional has created a treatment plan for you, stick to it. If you are having trouble keeping to the treatment plan and would like to make adjustments, it is not recommended to do this on your own, even if you think you know best. 

  • Talk to your health professional about any concerns.

  • Keep your medical appointments.

  • If you are taking medication, take it as prescribed.

  • If you are in counseling, keep your counseling appointments.

  • Be aware that many herbal and naturopathic products are unregulated and do not have consistent amounts of active ingredients. They can also interfere with other prescribed medications. Check with your doctor before using any herbal or naturopathic products.

Any changes in treatment plans are best done in consultation with health professionals who can work with you to find solutions that are right for you.


Last updated Thu, Sep 21, 2017