Ask for support

Building a support network of, and healthy relationships with, friends, family and co-workers is vital to good mental health.

Loved ones can help you get through hard times, build your self-confidence and show you that you’re valued.

Different people in your support network can help in different ways. For example, friends and family can provide emotional support or practical help, like picking you up from the airport. They can also help by sharing advice or information based on their own experiences.

Tip:  Put yourself out there. If you want to build up your support network, you need to take risks. Join a club or sports team, attend a family or work event, or reconnect with people. Place yourself in situations where the type of people you are hoping to meet will be. If you’re not shy, get talking! If you are shy, call, email or write a letter to an old friend, or try situations with smaller groups of people.


Last updated Thu, Sep 21, 2017