When you have had a difficult conversation with someone or are feeling overwhelmed with supporting others, taking the opportunity to debrief with a trusted colleague can be very beneficial. 

Debriefing is defined as a “conversational session that revolves around the sharing and examining of information after a specific event has taken place.”

Debriefing provides a safe forum for discussion and allows you to:

  • Speak in confidence to a trusted colleague.

  • Talk about how you are feeling after a difficult conversation by sharing your experience. 

  • Become clear about what you need.

  • Release strong emotions and be listened to without judgement.

  • Get feedback or mentoring from a more experienced colleague; e.g., talking through what went well and didn’t go so well.

When debriefing remember to respect the confidentiality of the staff member you are supporting, focusing on your own experience and your own feelings.


Last updated Thu, Sep 21, 2017